Co-Authors Jay and Katie Barber
J.K. Barber

Iron Veil

Katie's Next Fantasy Novel

[the creation of this title is on hold]

     Mab and Titania's ongoing feud threatens to destroy the world of the Fae and take Earth along with it into the abyss. Mab ordered the Lord of the Hunt to release a long forgotten adversary in yet another attempt to destroy Titania and stand alone as Faerie's sole ruler. The dark queen's effort failed and now everyone is in danger, as her rogue assassin wreaks havoc in their realm and the humans’ as well. In an attempt to permanently expel the beast from Faerie, Mab will attempt to seal the Veil, separating the Fae from the mortal world, where her monstrosity currently roams extinguishing all in its path. Earth would be left to deal with the creature and most likely fail, unless Titania can convince her sister to join forces and recapture it. The sister queens will be forced to fight side by side, the light with the dark, in their battle to survive. With the help of Merlin's half-fae daughter and her unique talent to intensify power with sex magick, they might be strong enough to have a chance. Maybe.

Jay is working on an urban fantasy novel

about a half-fae sniper.