Co-Authors Jay and Katie Barber
J.K. Barber

About the Author

       Jay and Katie Barber combine their names to write under pen name, J.K. Barber. Jay graduated from The University of Georgia with a BA in English Literature, and Katie received a BA in English Creative Writing from The University of Colorado at Boulder. They combine their educations, writing together as a co-author team in the fantasy genre for projects such as the "Chronicles of Aronshae" and "Mervidia." In addition to their collaborative work, they also have individual titles: "Hidden Path," a prequel to their trilogy written by Jay, and "Fallen," a post-apocalyptic angel novel written by Katie.
      The Barbers enjoy being parents, table top gaming, mixed martial arts, reading, riding motorcycles, and PC gaming. The couple lives in Woodstock, GA with their children, Maya and Gabe, as well as their three rescue cats.